A Rewarding Path

This trip has just about come to an end.

Waking up in Yountville you are greeted with the same tranquility that put you to sleep the night before. An early morning quiet walk through the town’s herb and vegetable gardens left me feeling happy, calm and optimistic about life on earth. Coffee and a chocolate croissant at Bouchon Bakery were my reward for rising early and strolling around town.

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Black and White

When I was a young adult my favorite vacations were those when I camped in a tent and then stayed in the most luxurious hotel I could afford. I loved the contrast.

Yountville is quite perfect. Everything is just so. Nice. Delicious. Tasteful. Chill. It’s all bathed in great wine and surrounded by beautiful countryside.

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Big Smokey Valley to Bonanza

I revised today’s route by incorporating more of Hwy 50 as recommended by my good friend, Bill. To reach Hwy 50, I first rode straight north through the massive and unending Big Smokey Valley. The highway runs the length of the valley with long stretches of roadway that are precisely straight. It’s mostly flat but there are ridges to crest now and then and you are presented with a fresh  » Read more

Rugged Mountains and Wild Plains

Monday’s ride was a long one. After a spectacular dawn trip through Zion National Park the day went like this: ride an exciting, curvaceous road up a mountain range, reach a pass above six thousand feet, ride down the western side of the same and enter an awesome valley with the next range visible across the entire plain. I must have done this ten times yesterday.

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Day 2 Photos Only

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